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We have been producing umbrella since 1995 as Gold Umbrella. The umbrellas we produce in Turkey, we export to many countries in the World with our expert and professional team in the field. We are working to provide the best service to our customers with 1500 m2 closed area and 500 m2 open area in Istanbul Turkey. We are able to receive orders from all over the world without the minimum order quantity of 1 or 1000 pieces Because we focus on customer satisfaction we have no minimum order limitation.

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Our Working Politics

Our Working Politics

Human Resources

Human resources The first key to success for us as Gold Umbrella is "human". Undoubtedly, our work and stability in the umbrella sector for many years have a great share of all our work. If you want to be one of us, please send your CV to info@goldumbrella.com

Mission & Vision

Our mission Being a global company that is among the leading companies in the world that is active in the field and which is continuously developing with technological innovations, producing quality products that meet the expectations of its customers, providing satisfaction to its customers and employees, our vision To produce all the products we offer to our customers, offer them at reasonable prices and deliver them in the fastest way; To add value to the lives of everyone who works with us by constantly developing and growing with profitability. Our Goals and Principles as a Gold Umbrella; - Reliability, - High sense of responsibility, - Experience, - Quality awareness, - Continuous development belief, - Commitment to business ethics, - Customers have value added business associations that exceed expectations.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy We rely on our years of experience as Gold Umbrella and our quality policy, - To contribute to the prestige of our customers, - Respond quickly to customer requests, - Ensuring effective and efficient use of resources, - To use environmental products in our service, - To ensure the implementation and development of the quality management system in our units.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy Gold Umbrella aims to provide sustainable development and to protect the environment in order to reduce the negative effects on the environment in the products it produces and in all its processes. Within the scope of all these studies as Gold Umbrella; The implementation, supervision, continuous improvement and maintenance of the Environmental Management System, To comply with internationally recognized environmental legislation, national laws / legislation and other obligations, By following technological developments to prevent environmental contamination, to reduce waste at source, to recover as much as possible, to dispose of non-recoverable wastes without harming the environment, Reducing the use of natural resources by continuously improving environmental performance, Our environmental policy; to our customers, to our suppliers, to our employees, to all interested parties, to keep them open and to contribute to the formation of environmental awareness in the related parties, Commitment to make periodic eye passes to achieve Environmental Goals and Goals.







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