beach umbrella
Beach Umbrella 200/10
September 5, 2018
beach umbrella

Beach Umbrella 180/8

*Beach Umbrella 180/8 Dimensions Of Parasol Dia 180 CM
*Thickness of String is 3,8 mm Push and Release Button is used to Make it open or Closed. It consists of 8 arms.
*2 Years warranty The plastic parts of the parasol is produced from ABS and Polyamide Pa6 Prime raw materials.
*The Parasol can be adjusted 180 degrees according to the direction of sun shines.
*The Parasol's Fabric is produced from 120gr. or 170gr.
*Polyester The Parasol is for promotional purposes.
*Plastic Base Can Fill with water or Sand (20LT.)
*Hemline and Printing are optional
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