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April 23, 2019
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April 25, 2019

professional umbrella Manufacturer

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Colorful and High Quality Umbrellas for Beaches

Sea coasts are among the areas where we spend most of the summer. It covers three sides of our country. It allows us to spend the hot summer days combined with the most beautiful natural wonders. Throughout the year, we can get over the stresses and troubles thanks to the sea. In these temperatures, the beaches are the most beautiful spots for that. At this point, although the purpose is to sunbathe, shade is often looked for. In this situation, the beach umbrellas that we market protect you from the sun’s burning rays. So, we offer you our colorful and high quality umbrellas with every size and model. To present visual beauties, we manufacture umbrellas turning the seaside into a flower field.

Umbrellas with High Level Sunray Protection for Both Personal and Organizational Use

In scientific researches, many umbrellas that have been used so far cannot prevent the sun’s harmful rays. It has been found that the radiation effect is more harmful by being absorbed by the umbrella fabrics used. But nowadays, the materials used in fabric manufacturing and the dyes used in coloring are carefully selected by the developing technology. As a result of all scientific researches and detailed studies, they are produced for preventing the rays. Then they are presented for use. With these fabrics we use, we offer you umbrellas with the best quality skeletons, designs and visual beauties.

Beach umbrella, whether belongs to a person or an organization, primarily practicality is essential. In our umbrellas we offer you, both practicality and human health are prioritized. We are striving to serve you with a wide range of umbrella models easing your life. In addition, with an understanding that does not compromise on quality and suits every budget. In addition, many models provide an accessory to carry the goods you have on the seaside. You can keep them hanging and you don’t need to leave them on the floor. In addition, you can make logo prints that will be determined by you at every part of the umbrellas for personal and institutional use.

The materials used as base are portable and can be carried to every point and are covered with an aesthetic appearance. The umbrellas we have presented to you are not just for seaside. They can be easily used on balconies, terraces, cafes and pool sides as well.

Practical Garden Umbrellas with Various Shapes

Umbrellas can also be used at gardens. Garden umbrellas are manufactured in many different models or sizes and square or round shapes.  They can be used at areas with or without wind and are suitable for day or night use. Some people prefer umbrellas practical and high-quality. The model, which can be used in gardens or terraces, is just the type they want. Thanks to the clamp system, it is easy to open and close. And by easily stretching, it can be used with the best efficiency. with its stylish design.

Our Midi pagoda model umbrellas are often used in hotel gardens and terraces, poolside or street decorations. The umbrella models we offer are designed to suit every area and can be named according to your preferred location. The purpose of our designs is to obtain the best quality shade from the sun. In addition, the aim is to be protected from rain which is one of the natural conditions. Here, the preference is entirely left to you. Our models produced in this style with telescopic and gear systems, serve easily in café gardens.

Wooden and cantilevers are among our most useful models. With the help of steel balls placed on the foot they can be rotated 360 degrees. Without any displacement, they can be used any hour of the day to prevent the sun rays. The umbrellas that we presented for a night use are now supported with electrical installation. We offer you an opportunity. You can enjoy tea under the dim light at any time of the night in your gardens or terraces. You can stylize this kind of models by decorating different electrical installations and LED lights.

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