Special Promotional Umbrella Models for Businesses

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December 2, 2019
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August 28, 2021

Special Promotional Umbrella Models for Businesses

When umbrellas are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is products that protect them from adverse weather conditions. It is seen that it is frequently preferred in open areas such as beaches, cafes, restaurants and gardens. Promotional umbrellas designed specifically for businesses are products that increase the recognition of brands and companies. Umbrellas with prints such as text and logo are preferred by many businesses today.

What are the Promotional Umbrella Types?

Promotional umbrellas are useful products that most of the businesses prefer. The main promotional umbrellas are:

– Beach Umbrella: Umbrella; Although it is known as a product preferred to be protected from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow, it is also frequently preferred for protection from the sun in holiday resorts in summer. Beach umbrellas are preferred in order to enjoy the holiday to the fullest and to be protected from the scorching heat of the sun during the summer periods when the temperatures reach their maximum. Beach umbrellas, produced in different colors and patterns, are offered for sale in retail as well as wholesale. Gold Umbrella, which offers beach umbrellas suitable for your needs; manufactures in different colors, models and sizes. Gold Umbrella offers economical and fast solutions for any problem that may occur in parts and equipment after sales, since it is their own manufacture. Those who want to get detailed information about beach umbrella prices can contact Gold Umbrella via e-mail or contact number.

– Garden Umbrella: One of the most preferred products in open areas is undoubtedly the garden umbrella. Garden umbrellas, which can be produced in every color, design and size, are preferred by many sectors. These umbrellas, which are produced for use in all seasons, also successfully represent brands.

– Restaurant Umbrella: People who are bored of spending time indoors usually prefer restaurants that offer open air. The restaurant umbrella, which is frequently preferred in the open areas of cafes and restaurants, can also be produced in different colors and sizes. In addition to having an open area in a restaurant, it is very important to have restaurant umbrellas so that guests are not disturbed during peak hours of sunlight. In this way, guests who prefer that restaurant have the opportunity to benefit from the service of the establishment without being disturbed by the sunlight.

– Cafe Umbrellas: Umbrellas are one of the frequently preferred promotional products in cafes. These umbrellas, which will include the name and logo of the relevant cafe, are products that can be produced in different colors and sizes. These umbrellas, which protect from the sun in the summer and from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow in the winter, are made of durable material. Promotional umbrellas, which are the choice of brands and businesses that know no boundaries in service, are also a representative of institutionalism.

– Valet Umbrella: These umbrellas, also known as protocol umbrellas, are designed to be suitable for long-lasting use. Valet umbrellas are not only used by hotel valets to protect their guests, but also preferred by valets of senior officials. Valet umbrellas are products that can be produced in different models and sizes.

– Wicker and Bamboo Umbrellas: Straw and bamboo umbrellas, which are mostly preferred in summer resorts, manage to be the focus of attention with their authentic stance. These umbrellas, which are preferred by brands and businesses, not only protect people from weather conditions such as rain and snow, but also provide a high level of protection from sunlight.

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