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May 7, 2019
Experience More Beautiful Moments With Restaurant And Cafe Umbrellas
June 18, 2019

Special Umbrella

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Special Umbrella Models for Customers


Open areas are very important to cafes and restaurants. With the cafe umbrella models you can sweep  away all the negative conditions.

People go to cafes and restaurants to eat and chat with their friends or family. This activity is wanted to be done in open parts of the place. Usually closed areas bore people and people want to feel the air and experience outdoor environment. In this case, cafes and restaurants serve their customers perfect by preparing their outdoor areas for use. At this point, the most important factor is removing the seasonal weather effects. And cafe umbrellas are manufactured for this purpose.



 Meet Your Needs With Special Umbrella Designs

Accordingly, business owners communicate with umbrella manufacturers after specifying their outdoor environment in terms of size. These manufacturers provide products with special size and designs according to customers’ will. By doing this, they ensure that their products meet the needs of customers. The customers face with too many umbrellas when they go to firms and they are expected to specify the models. After that, proper size for the model is determined and the last choices are made.

The colour is too important to cafes and restaurants. In addition, the main colour of the brand can be used in the umbrella models. Thus, cafes and restaurants deliver their brands to much more people thanks to cafe umbrellas. And this colour reminds people of the brand.

  Fast Delivery and Long Warranty


Manufacturing process of these umbrellas do not take too much time. The umbrellas are delivered to cafes and restaurants after the manufacturing. At this stage, the mounting is done by the manufacturer firms. So, there is no need for business owners to touch anything. As far as these places are open they have customers and it is not wanted that the customers feel disturbed. Therefore, workers need to complete the mounting and all other procedure successfully when the place is closed. Manufacturer firms also do the mounting at late hours when the place is closed. Thus, customers face with a brand environment and can enjoy their time more comfortably.

Beach umbrella is the base of the umbrellas mentioned. These umbrellas manufactured with thick fabrics blocks the sun in the best way possible. They also draw the attention as they are known as long lasting and durable products. It is thought that this technology can be used at any field. So, this makes transferring the technology possible by increasing the size. It is also important that these products are used for very long times. In addition, manufacturers offer warranty for a long period of time.


Movable and Fixed Umbrellas for All Seasons

While the beach umbrellas are movable, this decision is made by the business owner for café and restaurant umbrellas.  Some people prefer fixed umbrella models because they cover the whole area. This option is much safer than movable products.

Others prefer movable umbrellas because they like this mobile feature and want to use it in their places. People changing the location of umbrellas according to sun, can use this feature for special situations as well. Business owners choose the models according to the tables’ settlement plan at the first stage. However, this plan can be changed completely for special environments.

If seasonal conditions cause a tough situation, umbrellas should do what they do best. Therefore, business owners provide the best service by adjusting the umbrellas’ settlement plan. Thanks to all these factors, outdoors can be preferred at any season and the orders are completed for reasonable prices.


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