Beach Umbrella Buying Guide

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September 13, 2022
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Beach Umbrella Buying Guide

With the opening of the summer season, sea lovers also begin to prepare their holiday plans. means summer vacation; means meeting the trio of sea, sand and sun. One of the indispensables of summer vacation is undoubtedly beach umbrellas. Beach umbrellas, which have become one of the symbols of the summer holiday, are very important for both personal use and accommodation services. So, where should those who want to buy beach umbrellas pay attention to? Here are the benefits of using a beach umbrella and the details to consider when buying a beach umbrella…

The Importance of Using a Beach Umbrella

Experts warn that the sun’s rays between 11:00 and 13:00 in the summer months can be more harmful to the skin. Regular use of sunscreen is also very important in order to be protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, also known as UV. It is of great importance for people who prefer summer resorts to use a beach umbrella after swimming activities in order not to be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. These umbrellas, which block the sun’s rays, can also be preferred as canopy to protect from severe summer heat. Lying on a sun lounger exposed to the intense rays of the sun after getting out of the pool or the sea in the summer heat is a situation that holiday lovers do not want. Sunbathing on sunbeds that have reached a very high temperature can cause reddening of the skin. For this, it is possible to prevent the overheating of the sun loungers by using a beach umbrella. In addition, beach umbrellas; It also prevents the electronic devices of those who carry devices such as phones and tablets on the beach from getting hot. Experts also warn that technological devices exposed to excessive heat may pose a risk of explosion. In holiday resorts, care should be taken not to expose technological devices to direct sunlight for a long time.

Things to Consider When Buying Beach Umbrellas

There are certain details that people who will buy beach umbrellas should pay attention to. Here are the details that people who will buy beach umbrellas in preparation for summer should pay attention to…

Umbrella size: One of the most basic features to consider when purchasing a beach umbrella is the umbrella size. Umbrella size differs according to the number of people who will use the umbrella. People who will go on holiday with their family may prefer umbrellas produced in larger sizes as they will be crowded. However, people who will vacation alone do not need to carry a large beach umbrella. Small umbrellas for 1 person are produced in a very ideal size.

Ease of transportation: One of the most important criteria for those who will buy a beach umbrella is that the beach umbrella to be purchased has practical carrying convenience. For this, care should be taken to choose beach umbrellas that are made of light materials and can be fixed easily. Umbrella size and umbrella weight are directly proportional. Individuals who will go on vacation alone can easily carry their umbrellas with them when they go to the beach, if they prefer small beach umbrellas.

Fabric type: One of the details to consider when purchasing a beach umbrella is the fabric type. The fabric of the beach umbrella should be thick enough to prevent sunlight, light color and water resistant. Beach umbrellas produced with quality fabric do not cause fading or wear due to sun rays.

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