Choosing The Best Umbrella For Gastro

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April 12, 2019
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April 23, 2019

Choosing The Best Umbrella For Gastro

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Choosing The Best Umbrella For Cafes

Cafe umbrellas are preferred for all the cafes and restaurants. So, Manufacturers offer users many different models. At this stage, preferences play a major role.

The owners have to use cafe umbrellas to serve their customers in an outdoor area. These products were used only to cover the area in old times. But they are now being produced in different styles, and they serve more special purposes. People choosing among pavilion, cantilever, heater and telescopic umbrella models  make their choices according to the special features  umbrellas and environment..


Pavilions are generally preferred in areas with high precipitation. Some restaurants or cafes are operated in areas where snow and rain fall too much. And open spaces of these businesses should be protected in the best way. At this stage, pavilions are selected among the cafe umbrella models to make the customers feel comfortable. Some umbrellas are not fully closed. Therefore, they cannot completely prevent rain and snowfall. Due to the effects of the wind, rain and snow waters, customers can be disturbed.

With the pavilions, these problems are prevented. Side sections, which can be opened if desired, are generally selected as transparent. Thus, the customers, continuing to experience the feel that they are outside, fully protect themselves from the negative effects of the outdoor.

Cantilever Models

Cantilever models are preferred when small areas are to be protected with umbrellas.  Business owners may not want to have a body part in their working environment. So, they prefer the side body umbrella models and gain space. In these models, the body parts are thinner and they are located at the side. These umbrellas should not be used in an intense windy environment. However, these umbrella models can be fixed to specific areas by using the body parts. In this case, nothing causing worries doesn’t happen and these umbrellas can be used comfortably. For this reason, many of the enterprises that are not too large give their orders for these products

Umbrella Models with Chimneys

Models with chimneys are preferred if smoke creating products are used in a cafe or restaurant environment. Sometimes these open areas filled with stoves. And umbrella models with chimneys are preferred to prevent the smell.  And sometimes they are preferred in areas where smoking or hookah is allowed or offered. These umbrellas clear the air in their area. And in a short period of time, they remove smell and smoke from the area.

The umbrellas mentioned protect people from external factors as well. In addition, they are among the most useful models. In many enterprises, these products are preferred. They have a lot of functions, however, price is not very high.

Telescopic Umbrellas

The last option, the telescopic umbrellas, are also known as the most common types of umbrellas. Usually their sides are open. But they have adjustable fabrics hanging down from the roof. These models are generally preferred for preventing the sun’s rays. These umbrellas are preferred if a different purpose is not desired.

Businesses can prefer fixed or wheeled models which can be easily moved, if they wish. if fixed products is chocie, then people prefer umbrellas covering the entire area alone. The weight of these umbrellas is high. So, movable models cover the area with smaller products. Instead of a single umbrella, the needed area is covered with several umbrellas for customers

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