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April 7, 2019
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April 17, 2019

Sun Umbrella / Parasol

beach umbrella

beach umbrella

Amazing Protection Against Sun Rays

Turkey is seen as a tourist paradise in many ways. It receives sunlight from the best angles for most months. It is surrounded by sea on three sides. And this attracts domestic and foreign tourists for holidays. On the other hand, most toutists prefer spending time at the beach regularly.

Sunbathing is important in the time spent on the beach. However, a certain amount of shade is needed as well. At this stage, the sun umbrella/parasol models, specially produced, can protect people from the sun successfully. These products are produced exclusively. They look extremely stylish. It offers great confidence in terms of robustness.

Special Design Umbrella Models

These umbrellas, frequently used at beaches, can be preferred in many areas. Recently, many restaurants are using these products. Thanks to the umbrellas, guests can protect themselves from the negative effects of the weather conditions.

Firms look for a suitable sun umbrella/parasol and the exlusive products attract them. Golden Umbrella, manufactures in Turkey. The company aims to contribute to customers’ brand value by manufacturing speacial products. Umbrella models with logos or names of firms on are produced in different colors. It also draws the attention of the guests immediately. It can set the mood of environment in businesses such as restaurants or cafeterias by itself.

Opprtunity of Manufacturing in Ordered Size

Different fields need different size for umbrellas. In some cases, it is desirable to arrange the environment by using plenty of umbrellas. But sometimes it is vice-versa. In this direction, firms apply to companies producing its own product such as Gold Umbrella. Because they want to ensure that production in ordered size is possible. Otherwise, others sell the umbrellas they bought in a ready form. So, it is not possible to select size. While making choices within the pre-determined standard sizes, these products are intended to be adapted to the area. Despite the fact that it is difficult.

Highest Level of Security

When producing a product of this size, safety must always be of utmost importance. As the size of the material increases, the weight of the materials increases too. And the amount of damage to the surrounding area may increase as well. Security stage requires extra attention, especially as people are constantly under umbrella models. Always, the best quality materials are used in the productions. Efforts are made to ensure that they resist the effects of the wind or the snow load in  winter. With the use of the proper materials, the umbrellas are both self-balancing and resistant to external factors. In addition, no matter how heavy or of robost they are, they can be moved easily. Because these products are built on wheeled systems.

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