The Importance of Umbrellas for Restaurants and Cafes
January 19, 2023
The Importance of Outdoor Umbrellas in the Gastronomy Sector
February 9, 2023

Manual Telescopic Umbrella

Manual Telescopic Umbrella

The umbrella sector in Turkey is growing very rapidly. Umbrellas are produced to protect people from heat and sun, and also protect from rain and cold. While there were beach umbrellas produced only to protect from the sun in the past, nowadays restaurant and cafe umbrellas, Gastronomy umbrellas used in the Gastronomy sector also have a large share in the market.

In addition, it has been used recently to increase brand awareness. Ice cream umbrella and advertising umbrella are also called promotional umbrellas. It has become an advertising tool frequently used by sectors such as ice cream, water, food, beverage, cold chain foods, finance sectors.

Our Manual Telescopic Umbrella model is the market leader in these advertising umbrellas. It is a product that attracts a lot of attention with its easy opening and closing, being easy to use and protecting from sun and rain.

Since people lead a life stuck in their homes during the pandemic period, we can now describe them as the people of the world without counting them as a single country, that everyone wants to live a life outside. This leads to the demands of eating and drinking in the Gastronomy and restaurant cafe sectors, not inside but outside the restaurants. Therefore, our umbrella models are the only products that can protect people from the sun, rain, heat and cold in this sector. This again focuses a lot of attention on our Manual Telescopic umbrella model.

This Umbrella model works in the system of push up to open, pull down to close. Although it is called a manual telescopic umbrella, it can also be called push up and pull down abroad.

It is an 8-armed square telescopic aluminum umbrella produced to protect you from the sun at the poolside, cafes and restaurants. The middle pipe of your umbrella, which is produced with white electrostatic paint or anodized coating, is Ø60 mm. The plastic parts in the skeleton are manufactured using ABS and POLYAMID PA6 PRIME raw materials with a 2-year guarantee against breakage, which are used in umbrella production all over the world. To open your umbrella, it is sufficient to press the latch on the lower body plastic and push it upwards and insert the safety pin into the slot in the middle tube.

In order to close, the safety pin must come out of its socket by pressing the latch. It protects you from the sun for years with its suitable underlay and 190 grams of water-repellent acrylic coated polyester or 250 grams of polyester fabric options.

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