Popular Umbrella Models and Their Uses

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October 27, 2021
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December 8, 2021

Popular Umbrella Models and Their Uses

Umbrellas are one of the products that are frequently preferred by many businesses, especially outdoors. Umbrellas, which are preferred in places where crowds of people are dense, such as gardens, cafes and restaurants, add a visible elegance to the place as decorative. Umbrella models to be preferred for outdoors can be produced in different designs and models according to demands. Umbrellas preferred in open areas; It can be produced in different models and features such as square, octagonal, double-deck and single-storey. The most preferred main umbrellas; beach umbrellas, garden umbrellas, cafe and restaurant umbrellas, valet umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, straw and bamboo umbrellas, concept umbrellas. Businesses should choose an umbrella by considering the intended use and area of ​​use of the product.

What are the Uses of Umbrellas?

Umbrellas are produced from different models and materials according to their usage areas. In the hot summer months, when the effect of the sun is felt, beach umbrellas are often preferred on the beaches. Umbrella products, which are preferred to protect from sun rays, are frequently used outdoors by many sectors. Beach umbrellas used seasonally are among the most preferred umbrella models.

Businesses such as cafes and restaurants generally prefer umbrellas for outdoor use. Businesses that want to host their guests outdoors in hot weather where the sun’s rays are felt or in cool weather with the effect of rain; They can choose large cafe and restaurant umbrella models that are not affected by heat and water. It is very important to decide on the right sizes when choosing an umbrella. Businesses should pay attention that the umbrellas they will choose are compatible with the table dimensions and the size of the garden area they have. The umbrellas, prepared in colors and sizes suitable for the corporate nature of the enterprises, are designed in such a way that the guests of the enterprises can sit comfortably outside, both in summer and in rainy and snowy weather. While umbrellas are commercially preferred in cafe and restaurant gardens, in front of hotels and on beaches; They are compact products that are compatible with home balconies for personal use as well. When umbrellas are preferred for commercial uses, desired logo and text can be printed on them. Umbrella prices vary according to the model and size of the products.

How Are Umbrella Prices Determined?

Umbrella prices can vary according to many details. Umbrellas are products produced in different sizes. The prices of umbrellas vary according to the square meter size. Umbrella prices also increase in direct proportion to the increase in umbrella sizes. Another factor in determining umbrella prices is the mechanical property of the umbrella. Umbrellas are produced in different designs and material quality. The quality of the material and the mechanical properties it has are also effective in the different prices of the umbrellas. Another detail in determining the umbrella prices is the fabric and print quality. The quality of the printing preferred in promotional umbrellas and the resistance of the fabric to sun heat and adverse weather conditions directly affect the price.

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