Umbrella Types and Prices

What Businesses Should Consider When Choosing Umbrellas
October 13, 2021
Popular Umbrella Models and Their Uses
November 8, 2021

Umbrella Types and Prices

Today, when umbrellas are mentioned, it is not only the accessories that protect from adverse weather conditions; There are products that are frequently preferred by businesses such as cafes and restaurants, which can also be preferred indoors and outdoors. Umbrellas preferred by businesses in every period of the year; It protects from sun rays in summer and from negative weather effects such as rain and snow in winter. Umbrellas prepared with new technologies gain practicality with the use of different mechanisms. Umbrellas produced in different designs for businesses planning a modern decoration also vary in size. Umbrella models and umbrella prices vary according to the material quality and design features of the product. Products such as cafe and restaurant umbrellas, garden umbrellas, beach umbrellas, straw and bamboo umbrellas can vary in terms of design features as well as in price.

automatic umbrellas; It is produced with different mechanisms such as rope-controlled pulley system or telescopic arm-controlled models. Businesses that want to meet a different model in terms of body design may prefer umbrellas with side body. Models known as telescopic umbrellas offer a functional difference in the way the umbrella is opened and closed. In order to minimize the effect of adverse weather conditions such as wind, umbrella models with chimneys that evacuate the wind can be preferred. If businesses such as cafes and restaurants want to offer their guests a comfortable outdoor environment, they should take care to choose the right umbrella. Illuminated and heated umbrella models are also ideal umbrella options for use in the dark and in cold weather. Offering both functionality and comfort, these umbrella models appeal to different areas of use.

Details to Consider When Choosing Umbrella

The main umbrella options; garden umbrellas, beach umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, cafe and restaurant umbrellas, straw and bamboo umbrellas, valet umbrellas and concept umbrellas. All umbrella models have different features. However, the most important detail to consider when choosing an umbrella is the area of ​​use of the product. It is of great importance that the umbrellas adapt to the environment in which they will be preferred, both aesthetically and physically. E.g; Umbrellas, which will be preferred for a cafe, should be compatible with the table dimensions and should not take up much space. In the umbrellas to be preferred for the garden, the priority should be decorative elegance and the harmony of the product with the garden architecture. It should be noted that the umbrellas to be preferred for businesses are functional and have dimensions that are compatible with the size of the area.

Umbrellas should be chosen considering the area of ​​use and purpose of use. Businesses that will buy umbrellas; should pay attention to whether the product is compatible with windy weather, sunny weather or four seasons. Another important detail to consider is the quality of fabric and mechanism. Umbrella models made of aluminum material are ideal products in terms of durability. The aluminum body, which has a very protective feature against external factors, is a stainless material. The fact that the fabric used in umbrellas does not pass water and heat is one of the details that should be considered. Umbrellas that provide high protection against rain water and sun heat promise a comfortable use.

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